Teach Polymer Clay!

If you want to join the most vibrant online community of teachers and students enthusiastic about polymer clay, you will want to fill this out and get ready to join the Adventure!

  • Promote yourself to new students worldwide

    Teaching with us can help you grow your business! You'll become known as an online instructor through meeting and interacting with the hundreds of people who join PCA each year.

  • Teach online from the comfort of home!

    We have the technology and the know how to bring your class into living rooms and art studios world-wide. Create your instructional materials, and we'll do the rest!

  • Learn how to market yourself

    All of our instructors receive our full course and support on how to set up an email list for yourself, how to market your course, and how to shoot awesome video.

  • Make money!

    Yes, our teachers get paid. There is a flat rate plus you can earn even more by promoting PCA to your audience and get commissions on the sales you directly make.

We are looking for teachers with the following qualities:

  • a great technique of your own to share, with a wonderful project idea

  • positive attitude (we have a positivity policy in our online community)

  • Team spirit (there is enough for everyone and we work better as a team)

  • ability to meet deadlines (although they are few, they are important!)

What do I have to do?

  • Turn in a Video class

  • Turn in a PDF supply list and short PDF outline of the class

  • Help us spread the word and market the event

Once you click submit, we have your application- and we will contact you once our review process is over. Please don't get discouraged as we have a lot of applications to go through and we work hard to make sure this event is rounded with lots of techniques.

Classes are ALL video with a companion PDF outline (not tutorial- just an outline) and a PDF materials list. You will also commit to answering questions in our forum if students have questions for you (usually there are not that many, but it is important for you to be available for the few questions we do have.)

You must be comfortable, or at least willing, to learn to do video and pdfs- we will give you all kinds of resources to make sure you have what you need, and we have loaner cameras too. Class video and marketing photos will be due by Sept 1, 2020.

ONCE you are approved, we will send you further information about how PCA will work in 2021, what your payment will be, and marketing info.


To get an idea of what kind of event this is, please visit the button below, which will take you to the Polymer Clay Adventure 2020 sales and info page:

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